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Feb 21, 2018

Living Podcariously
Episode 88 Show Notes

- We celebrate Tach's Birthday on the show
- Yes, we have Tach open up presents on air... because we can :)
- Tach shares a birthday story that is awesome to hear
- We give away another gift certificate live on air
- Tach talks about his preferred charity (The Children's...

Jan 17, 2018

Living Podcariously
Episode 87 Show Notes

- Jimmy Klein joins us in studio this week
- We give some love to the guys from 'What's The Fuss?' Podcast. Please go check out their show and Facebook for support if you so desire. :)
- We play a couple short clips from the visit we had from Rocky and Bill from 'What's the...

Dec 14, 2017

Living Podcariously
Episode 86 Show Notes

In Studio this week is Dabbz Kay from the 'Burn It Down' podcast. We all talk Thanksgiving traditions and Andrea Joy brings the most important Thanksgiving foods ranked. As always, thanks for listening!

- Dabbz Kay joins us in the studio this week after he hosts his episode of...

Nov 28, 2017

Living Podcariously
Episode 85 Show Notes

Packed house this week with Jake Salter, John Hannan and Joshua Taylor all in studio. We hear an awesome performance from Jake, John chills with us after his Twisted Ten host and Joshua
Taylor guest hosts the 'It's Game Time' segment. An awesome week with some of the coolest...

Nov 17, 2017

Living Podcariously
Episode 83 Show Notes

Rocky Socha with 'What's The Fuss?' Podcast returns this week on Living Podcariously! We dig down the rabbit hole of celebrity sex scandals a little. Tach brings a new game to 'It's Game Time' and Andrea Joy takes questions from our listeners for the 'Guy-a-ry'. As always,...