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Apr 11, 2018

Living Podcariously
Episode 93 Show Notes

- Mr. Wilson brings the Sound Effects
- Adam finally pop'd the question
- The crew talks about how Adam proposed
- Adam shares a gift his father gave him with the boys. Jamenson Irish Whisky IPA edition!
- Andrea sheds light on what Women really mean when they say things to us

Mar 22, 2018

Living Podcariously
Episode 92 Show Notes

Tach's daughter Jasmine joins us in studio and we do everything we can to embarrass Tach. We talk about the differences between generations and the parties they throw and Tach brings back 'It's Game Time'. As always, thanks for listening!

- Tach's daughter Jasmine joins us on...

Mar 5, 2018

Living Podcariously
Episode 91 Show Notes

Recording LIVE at The Salty Fox this week. We hear amazing stories out of the staff from The Salty Fox, comedian guest Dorian Gayle stops in for some heartfelt inspiration and impressions and nostalgia himself, Jay Alvarez joins us on a segment. This was a fun show to record and...

Mar 2, 2018

Living Podcariously
Episode 90 Show Notes

Josh as well as Andrea and Adam share their discovery of the sex of their expected babies, we recap The Salty Fox's Chili Cook-off and Tach shares secret fears of men. As always, thanks for listening!

- We cover The Salty Fox's Chili Cook-off
- We talk about a Living...

Feb 26, 2018

Living Podcariously
Episode 89 Show Notes

- We recap the Hot Pink The Music of Queen shoot
- Crypto Currency chat with Mr. Wilson and we lose Tach quickly
- Baby talk with Josh and Adam
- Josh talks about how to drink more beer... 'murica


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