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Feb 26, 2016

We hit a ton of topics in this show to include a sports segment from Ron, Tach dating again, NASCAR Dads, and our new named segment. Thanks for listening.

- Adam and Tach bringing it in studio live
- Adam tosses an idea past Tach regarding the open auditions for a female for the
- Gingers have a special immunity to illness
- Tach didn't do a lot for Valentine's day
- Adam goes to see Deadpool as a Valentine's day present
- The boys talk Deadpool for a few minutes
- Visit our sponsors please :D

- Ron, Tach and Adam are all 3 very different Sports Fans
- Adam and Tach talk about their sports they like
- NASCAR dad's is a real demographic
- Top Gear is getting an American
- NASCAR is all about the wrecks
- Kentucky Derby should change riders like NASCAR changes tires

- Sports segment with Ron
- Adam can't pronounce Demonican Sue
- Ron gets an e-mail from Vinny
- T'aint Gate?
- Adam says HGH is like heroine
- How do you tie sports to 90s video games?

- Blues Traveler and Mardi Gras concert in Cocoa Village
- Partying in this area leads to all ages and types of people to show up
- Time for Jimmy (friend of the show) to name the segment
- New segment name is Diary + Guys = Guy-a-ry!
- Living Podcariously Guy-a-ry with 6 new questions for men
- Eric, John and Jimmy from T'aint Funny need to come visit

- Do the idea of making out begin to wein off over time with a relationship
- Adam has no clue when the Titanic sailed
- Gotta be careful out there while dating
- Tach is now back in the dating game
- Tach has a great ALS Ice Bucket Video
- Does sex degrade in frequency over the relationship

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