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Jun 14, 2017

Living Podcariously
Episode 66 Show Notes

The man, the myth, the Bo Jangles himself, Dan Cummins guests in studio for this episode, Andrea brings some Italy travels stories, Tach brings a show-long "It's Game Time" and we get some brutal honesty from Dan Cummins during Andrea's "Guy-a-ry" segment. Thanks for listening!

- What a great day of podcasting for our crew. Dan Cummins joins us in studio
- We throw some love toward m personal inspiration for podcasting and the reason we got the connection with Dan Cummins. for 'A Mediocre Time With Tom and Dan' podcast. #BDM
- We get deep into Timesuck and its origins
- Tach brings us a mini version of 'It's Game Time'
- Andrea recaps some of her Italy trip
- Adam brings some Man's Man questions to Dan
- We learn that Marilyn (aka Rook, aka LP Intern) is in a feud with William Shatner and she has a thing for older men
- Andrea tells her abduction story from Italy
- We ask Dan some misc questions about his origins with stand-up and advice
- Dan tells us about a launching dance move of his
- Andrea brings us a Dan Cummins' involved "Guy-a-ry"

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