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Apr 28, 2016

Episode 12 - Guys Fake It, Prince and Hurricane Season

Can Guys Fake It, We talk Prince and Hurricane Season is upon us

- Deflate Gate and Tom Brady
- You know we had to talk about Prince. We do a fun spin on his top 20 billboard hits
- Its almost Hurricane Season.
- Time to prpare for hurricane parties
- SpaceX and...

Apr 22, 2016

Episode 11 - We Found Our Female Cohost, Four Twenty Facts and VR Porn in Vegas

This week we announce that we have found our new female character on the show, Tach tells us about his dating life, wtf is a Toxic Tush and VR Porn is becoming a thing.

- Introduction of new cast member
- Andrea Joy!
- Andrea tells us a...

Apr 14, 2016

Episode 10 Show Notes

- Introduction of Special Guest Kim Kennedy
- Kim Plugs her up coming movie
- Talking about cruis'n
- Shout out to Podcast Discovery Center Anthony Hayes and Scott Doucet
- New Data Storage on DNA fascinates Adam
- Tach is Live Streaming us on FaceBook
- 30 Year old video game, Mike Tyson's Punch...

Apr 8, 2016

Episode 9 - Jimmy Klein Guests, How to Overcome Fear of Heights and Jimmy is the King of Analogies


- Introduction of Special Guest Jimmy Klein
- We make fun of Tach's cat death. We are bastards
- We hear about Jimmy's emerging podcasts
- Adam gifts the cast of T'aint Funny something from his childhood
- April Fools...