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Jul 21, 2016

Episode 24 Show Notes

Tach is out this week. in his place he sent us Jimmy Klein from T'aint Funny to fill his shoes. ...and Jimmy delivered a hell of a list to the show!

- Jimmy Klein joins us in studio in place of Tach this week
- Adam's step daughter got married
- Adam talks about the theme if he marries Andrea

Jul 14, 2016

Show 23 Notes


We got silly in studio this week. Lesson learned not to drink Jack n Coke while recording.

- Andrea is lounging on a new Living Podcariously piece of furniture
- Tach disappoints his standup fans by noshow'n
- Adam is excited about No Man's Sky launch
- Amazon Prime Day!
- Andrea gives what sounds like a...

Jul 8, 2016

Episode 22 Show Notes

Episode 22 - Eric Snyder Guests, 12 Signs He May Be A Player and The Best
Guy-a-ry Ever

Eric Snyder from T'aint Funny Podcast as well as The Compound guests in
studio, Andrea tests the boys to see if they are players and by far the
best Guy-a-ry ever thanks to Eric.

- Special guest in studio this...